About Sköpunartorg

We can make changes in the city life with some creativity, collaboration, experimentation and without fear of failure - one experiment at a time. Are you with us?

How does Sköpunartorg work?
Problem Analysis
Democratic discussion and feedback

In Sköpunartorg the people of Reykjavík can submit their ideas for experiments and open them up for input from the nurturing society we hope to create on the platform. If the project needs funding it is possible to crowdfund it using Sköpunartorg. It is also possible to request support from the City of Reykjavík, in the form of funding, matchfunding, advice, housing, permits, use of city land etc. The experiments is then carried out, and finally the innovators report back how it all went so that other users of Sköpunartorg can learn from their experiences. (Rules on grants from the City of Reykjavík, in Icelandic: Reglur Reykjavíkurborgar um styrki

Sköpunartorg is a collaborative project of Karolina Fund ehf. and the City of Reykjavík. You can view the contents of the platform but to contribute you have to sign in as a user. When users crowdfund projects on the platform they have to agree to the terms of use of Karolina Fund ehf ( user agreement


Sköpunartorg is a democratic digital platform for experimental projects of the people of Reykjavík. On Sköpunartorg we work together on social innovation to solve problems and improve our urban society. We experiment, make mistakes, learn from them and keep going.


Our goal is to strengthen the democracy in the city and harvest the creativity and productivity of the people of Reykjavík who want to make the city better, and make a venue where people with different strength can work together on good things.

For whom?

Sköpunartorg is for everyone in Reykjavík who want to use their creative powers for the good of the urban society - individuals, groups, businesses, institutions, as well as those who want to help fund interesting urban experiments.

Our intentions

A wider range of funding possibilities for people with socially innovative projects in a stronger democratic city. Good ideas can be carried out with the support of like-minded people instead of having to go through the city’s grants system.

General Info

When people submit projects to Sköpunartorg it needs to be approved by the platform’s admins before being published, see below in Code of Conduct (If that is tl;dr: we don’t publish anything illegal, inappropriate or intentionally hurtful). We reserve the right to wait in publishing until projects reach a minimum standard of quality in its text, and offer our assistance with that if necessary. Users will then be able to see their projects on the main overview on the platform, and a full list of their projects on their user profile page. If there are any questions on the publishing of projects please send an email to vesen@skopunartorg.is

Code of Conduct

We follow the basic principles of open innovation. We work together, and out loud. The admins of the platform try to give advice and constructive comments when possible, however users decide if they want to follow that advice and are fully responsible for their own content (e.g. make sure you have the right to use the images you want to post), actions and projects, and for making sure they have everything they need before starting their experiments.

Admins will not publish or remove anything submitted to the platform that they feel is a) illegal, b) inappropriate or c) offensive or purposefully hurtful. a) Illegal content is e.g. in breach of copyright laws, GDPR laws, encourages braking the law. b) Inappropriate content is e.g. something that for some reason does not belong on Sköpunartorg as decided by admins. c) Offensive of purposefully hurtful content is e.g. hate speech (also illegal actually), or made to exclude or humiliate specific groups or individuals.

Users create a user name and password for Sköpunartorg and register an active email address. The password should be known only to the user, if it is lost a new one can be sent to the user by email. Email addresses are only accessible to admins of the platform, they will not be given to a third party or used for anything other than to assist users with their projects and provide information about Sköpunartorg and social innovation in Reykjavík.

Users are kindly asked to use their own name on Sköpunartorg, that way there is more trust on the platform and it makes collaboration easier. Admins will also appear under their own names rather than just the name of their institution. On the user profile page the name and photo of the user will appear, if users choose to upload a photo. We encourage that, because it makes Sköpunartorg more enjoyable to use. Photos should preferably be of the user, not their cat or a car.