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Cycling in Reykjavík?
by René Boonekamp

Bike workshop and coffee stop.

Reykjavík Tool Library
by Haflidi Asgeirsson

Bókasafn, nema í stað bóka þá erum við með verkfæri

by Sævar Ólafsson

Mál málana, tuð, grín og list

In 1908 an experiment was made. The first swimming pool in Iceland was created in Laugardalur in Reykjavík
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Everyone! (That includes you). Individuals, businesses, organizations, public authorities, etc. We all work together and share our strengths.

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Social innovation, that‘s what. We point out and solve challenges in our urban society with new solutions or by rethinking an old solution.

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Towards a utopian urban future! With tandem bicycles, birdsong and clean city air!

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With creative bravery, collaboration and a culture of experimentation and failure. Read more about how Sköpunartorg works here (or just start poking it and learn by doing).