Cycling in Reykjavík?

Bike workshop and coffee stop.
Cycling in Reykjavík?
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René Boonekamp
René Boonekamp
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Cycling in Reykjavík?

Cycling is a great way to move yourself from A to B and back to A or anywhere else you'd like to go. It's better for your health, cheaper, environmentally friendly and sometimes even faster than a trip by car.

What's the reason Reykjavík is such a car dominated place in comparison to cities like Copenhagen, or Amsterdam? Is it the weather, the infrastructure or something totally different? Maybe it doesn't make sense to actually think about cycling in Reykjavík.

Cycling hub

We would like to find this out by opening up a bike shop in downtown Reykjavík during the summer. A place where you can repair or borrow a bike and have a coffee, whilst being a hub for ideas and events that could open up discussions on infrastructure.


This project is an initiative of Rockall; an international group of creatives playing with the question: 'What if you could start a new country?' Through a whispering game of cultural exchanges, interventions and community art projects, they provoke thoughts and ideas on utopian and dystopian scenarios.


Do you want to join the project, or do have an opinion about cycling in Reykjavík. Get in touch with us: